A New Spin On NFL Helmets

Three years ago, the NFL helmet maker, Riddell, decided to make an alternate version. The style of the helmet would not be worn on the field, unfortunately, but it would be a creative way to bring some excitement to the Helmet world. The thought was that collectors, autograph seekers, die-hard fans and even the casual fan would want to collect this limited run of helmets. Each year, in August, Riddell would release a new style of helmet and would discontinue production around the end of each NFL year.

Ice HelmetThe Ice Helmet debuted in 2016. it was the first alternative NFL licensed football helmet. It included an aerodynamic matte white shell, silver facemask, silver decals, and 4-pt chin strap. It was great for autograph collectors because it brought something new that could be signed. Not to mention it was a limited production.

Blaze HelmetIn 2017, the Blaze Alternative helmet debuted. It used the team’s current designs but with alternate colors in a new anodized satin finish. It added a colorful twist to your favorite NFL team by utilizing different color schemes for the shells and face-masks. The Blaze was a huge hit! Ice was good, but Blaze blew it out of the water. The Blaze helmet had such a distinct look that you could see your team wearing it. Where, with Ice, that was not the case. Collectors (autograph and otherwise) wanted this helmet. Once again, production was limited from August to December.

Now, in 2018, Riddell has come out with the latest version, the Chrome helmet. The Chrome helmet uses a vacuum-metallization process to transform each helmet into a mirror-like chrome finish in your team’s color. These are the same helmets the teams wore on gameday yet painted in a new design. These helmets just recently hit the market only a couple of weeks ago. The cool part, this year some NCAA schools are being made in the Chrome, as well as all 32 NFL teams. You can view the teams by clicking here.

If you like new and unique items, I encourage you to check these out. I hope Riddell continues its helmet innovation trend in the coming years. So far, they are doing a great job!

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