GTSM NJ Spring 2020 items rescheduled due date undetermined (May hopefully)

Click on Player’s name to buy tickets! Player Basic item Premium Item Inscription Special note AJ Brown $65 any item $25 Amari Cooper $85 $100 $35 Blair Thomas $25 any item $25 Bo Jackson $125 $150 $125 Doesn’t sign “Bats on Pads’ or Tecmo images or funko pops Cal Ripken Jr $170 $250 $85 Christian […]

Is Game-Used Sports Memorabilia Really GAME-USED?

game used sports memorabilia

These days, game-used items are extremely popular. And for good reason. These items are one-of-a-kind, and let’s face it, that’s pretty awesome! It’s impressive to say you have a game-used jersey from Tom Brady or shoes that were worn by Lebron James or a baseball that was pitched by Clayton Kershaw or a hockey stick […]

Game Used Baseballs: The New Baseball Card?

game used baseballs

For a die-hard baseball fan, there’s nothing much better than owning a game-used item. Growing up, if I wanted a game-used ball, I would have to catch a foul or hope a player would throw me one. But catching a foul ball, or having a player or coach throw one to you, requires being in […]

A New Spin On NFL Helmets

Three years ago, the NFL helmet maker, Riddell, decided to make an alternate version. The style of the helmet would not be worn on the field, unfortunately, but it would be a creative way to bring some excitement to the Helmet world. The thought was that collectors, autograph seekers, die-hard fans and even the casual […]

Sports Dreams Ultimate Fan Cave

If you’re like me, you love sports memorabilia and collectibles. I started collecting when I was five years old. It started with baseball cards, bobbleheads, and starting lineup figures. I remember sending letters to my favorite baseball players asking for an autograph or just telling them how much I loved watching them play. The excitement […]

Protecting Your Sports Memorabilia, Part 1

protecting framed prints collectibles

After investing your time and money on autographed memorabilia, it’s important to protect it. If you don’t, your collectible items can get damaged over time. Autographed photos can yellow or discolor, while signatures fade, collect dust, scratch, and even tear. Damage to your item will significantly decrease its worth and, in some instances, can cause it […]

3 Types of Autograph Inscriptions (and the value they add)

sports autograph inscription

An inscription is anything an athlete or celebrity adds to an item other than their signature. For example, “Happy Birthday to John,” “HOF 07,” “3000 hits,” etc. Over the last several years, inscriptions have become very popular in the autograph world. An inscription typically adds value to a piece and, in almost any circumstance, the […]

Sports Memorabilia Collector Saves Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey!

Stolen Super Bowl Jersey

Super Bowl 51 was possibly the greatest game in the history of the sport. Not only did the Patriots make the largest comeback ever, but 18 other Super Bowl records got broken that day. Tom Brady was called the GOAT (“Greatest Of All Time”), and Bill Belichick was named as greatest coach ever. No matter […]