Four Questions All Sports Memorabilia Enthusiasts Must Ask Themselves…

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At Gameday Connexion we are often asked, “Where do I begin on collecting sports memorabilia?”

It is a great question. Even someone with an established autograph collection should ask it from time to time. It is so easy to rush into this wonderful hobby, but if you just start collecting, without considering what’s best for yourself, it can quickly get overwhelming. Sports Memorabilia collecting can become a very expensive hobby if you aren’t diligent about how you approach it.

Between the different leagues and all of the players, what should you do? Here are four questions to ask before getting started with sports collectibles, even if you’re already serious about it.

4 Questions for Sports Memorabilia Enthusiasts…

  1. How much money would I like to spend per week, month, or year?
  2. How much space do I have?
  3. What sport do I want to collect? NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL, Soccer, Tennis, ……
  4. What item or items do I want to collect? Full-sized Helmets, Baseballs, Pucks, Photo’s, Art Work, Game-used Items, Jerseys…

Asking yourself these four questions will help you gain knowledge regarding what is the best for you. All four questions align with one another. For instance, how you answer question one will guide how you proceed with the rest, such as your answer to question four (what items you want to collect). If you have a limited budget, photos are the cheapest item to get signed. Game-used items are the most expensive.

For photo collectors, the two most common sizes are 8×10’s and 16×20’s. With photos, you have to consider the cost of framing, as well as your available space. If you’re not planning to frame your items, then 8×10 photos don’t take up much space, especially if you will be putting them in binder sleeves.

When I asked myself these same questions, many years ago, I was a die-hard baseball fan. As a result, I decided to collect baseballs because they are inexpensive and easy to display. They took up little room, and I could display all of them. I had limited space, so it was a great option for me!

I have since expanded my collection and have moved into collecting memorabilia from other sports, but I still ask myself the same four questions. At first, being a smart sports collector can seem challenging, but it is very simple once you begin asking yourself the most appropriate questions. Don’t make the common mistake of feeling like you need the biggest and best collection from the outset. Take your time and enjoy collecting!

Sports Memorabilia Collecting 101

Over the next several weeks these blog posts will serve as a Sports Memorabilia Collecting 101 course. Next week, I will walk you through some ideas on what to collect — we will cover topics that will apply to MLB memorabilia, NFL memorabilia, NBA memorabilia, autographed baseball memorabilia and much, much more!

Check out for further information, old blog posts, upcoming signings and all your sports collectible needs.

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