Game Used Baseballs: The New Baseball Card?

For a die-hard baseball fan, there’s nothing much better than owning a game-used item. Growing up, if I wanted a game-used ball, I would have to catch a foul or hope a player would throw me one. But catching a foul ball, or having a player or coach throw one to you, requires being in the right place at the right time. Not an easy feat. It’s the ultimate experience to leave a game with a used baseball, for fans and collectors alike.

Today, getting a game-used ball is much easier. You don’t need to pray to the baseball gods that you will catch a foul ball or have someone throw you one. You can go to MLB Auctions and purchase balls, but also many other items. Almost every MLB stadium has kiosks or booths for you to buy game-used baseballs, and other things, from the game you attend, or from other games. I’ve seen game-used baseballs go for as little as $20.

Game used baseballs have become like the new baseball card. If you purchase the baseball from the stadium or MLB auctions, it will come with an MLB authentication sticker and serial number, providing all the details about the ball, such as who pitched it, hit it, whether it was a single or a double, how fast it was thrown, and more. The detail that comes with authentication is impressive. Furthermore, the ability to go online and print the ball’s certification makes it all the more rewarding.

Every baseball has its own story. Just as baseball cards, growing up, told me a story, for a lot of kids today game-used baseballs do the same. And when you combine the two — a game-used ball with baseball cards — they enhance the story to make the presentation comes to life all the more!

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