Tis the Season to Give!

Normathon Charity Fundraiser Sports Memorabilia

Sixteen years ago, one man had the vision to help those in need. He decided to use his platform to raise money for the Austin Street Center, which has served the most vulnerable homeless men and women in Dallas for more than three decades. His vision and generosity have inspired many to give unselfishly, both of their time and money — more than $2.5 million, so far — to impact countless lives.

His name is Norm Hitzges, a DFW talk-show host for Sports Radio 1310, The Ticket. His goal continues to be helping the Austin Street Center to care for the basic needs of the homeless while providing individualized care for everyone who asks for help.

This December 28th, the 16th Annual Whataburger Normathon will take place at Star Power. The Normathon is a one-day event where Norm Hitzges will be live on-the-air, all-day, to raise money for Austin Street. Last year they raised $500,000. This year, they’d love to break that record!

For the last several years, Gameday Connexion has been honored to be a part of this effort by donating authentic sports memorabilia to be auctioned. We believe in the work done by the fine people at Austin Street, and I have personally seen how it has changed lives. Click on the link below for more details on how to give to this wonderful organization.

It’s my belief that, no matter the season or day, it is always a good time to give. Give your time, resources, money, or all-of-the-above. Whether you give to Austin Street or another charity, please give. Any donation amount is appreciated. If you can give your time and volunteer, that’s just as valuable. And if you decide to make a contribution to Austin Street, let me say, “Thank you!” — from the bottom of my heart! If you give to another charitable cause, once again, I say, “Thank you!”

One man’s vision changed thousands of lives. What is your vision? How will you change a life today? Ask yourself, “How will I change a life today?”

May God Bless you and your generous heart!

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